Stemco Seals For Your Heavy Duty Truck

Easier Instalation For Your Heavy Duty Truck Needs
The Voyager seal features a bonded rubber Outside Diameter and piloted entry an easy and square installation. The ribbed rubber outside also forms a superior seal between the seal case and the hub of your Heavy Duty Truck. STEMCO's unique seal ribs ensure the proper hub bore alignment preventing wrongful installation into the hub.

Reduce Heavy Duty Truck Seal Failures
The Voyager seal utilizes a four zone labyrinth contaminant system. This technology is incorporated into a fully-unitized hub-installed seal.

Avoid Seal Damage Upon Installation.
The Voyager seal's double steel outside construction allows positive hub installation without damage of plucking the seal.

Increase Reliability For Your Heavy Duty Truck.
The temperature-resistant polymer "pumping" feature keeps the oil where it is intended to be.

Eliminate "Pry Bar" Removal and Component Damage.
The Voyager seal bonded rubber ID and OD allow for easy removal, yet STEMCO's patented anti-rotation features lock the ID surface in place.

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