Heavy Duty Truck , Checking Your Camshafts

I have been at Heavy Duty Truck Parts Sales long enough and can't count how many time a customer has walked through the door asking me.."Why is it that when a Heavy Duty Truck is new the brakes last longer than when I buy them here???? Well let me start off buy saying the keyword here is NEW!!!!!

When you buy a New Heavy Duty Truck Everything is New. Checking your camshafts and slack adjusters are a major factor in brake wear. By Checking your Heavy Duty Truck camshafts I do not mean shacking it up and down and saying "It's still snug".

Check it with a Dial Guage with a magnetic base like this one..

Making sure that there is no more than 10 thousands of an inch in mouvment in your Heavy Duty Truck s-cam . If you have more than that you will need to either replace your cam bushing or your cam itself. Make Sure that the neck of the cam that is usualy on the inside of the spider is not wore as well a this will also affect your braking perfomance.

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Justin said...

Hey there! I have been clueless about taking care of trucks since I have owned mine for at least 3 years. Thanks for the information!

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