Desired Battery Charging For Heavy Duty Trucks

Anything above 2.15 volts per cell will charge a lead acid battery in a heavy duty truck, this is the voltage of the basic chemistry. However, most of the time a higher voltage is used because it forces the charging reaction at a higher rate. The voltage to avoid is the gassing voltage, which limits how high the voltage can go before undesirable chemical reactions take place.The basic lead battery is ancient and a lot of different charge method have been used in your Heavy Duty Truck. The lead acid is fairly tolerant of over charging, which allows marketing organization to get to extreme and cheap chargers.

When charging a Heavy Duty Truck Battery it is always best to charge at a low amperage at around 5 amps from 16 to 24 hours. Charging a battery at high amperage will not create the desired reaction for the battery for optimal performance.

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