Heavy Duty Truck LED Light Bar By Grote

Your Heavy Duty Truck can not go without grote's new LED mini Light Bar. With 30 different patterns with a new scan lock feature. This new light bar is a very high intensity light. Heavy Duty Truck Drivers can't seem to get enough of this new light bar.

A construction company put 20 of these lights on because of the amperage draw that they have thus not having the truck idle on the side of the road for hours on end. Saving a lot of money on fuel. Because with the increasing price in fuel company's have been trying to find ways to decrease fuel consumption. Heavy Duty Truck Fleets also have turned to this light for durability and low maintenance of the light bar. Vibration is not a problem for this puppy.

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Derrick Trucks said...

Grote's new LED mini Light Bar will help the trucks to be maintained well for years. this LED light bar is very dependable. digger derricks

Derrick Trucks said...

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Calvin James said...

This is a sick LED bar! It would look really cool on my new Ranger. I am wanting to customize it and make it look a little tougher. I think this would do the trick perfectly! https://ledequipped.com/index.php/emergency-led-light-bars.html

Rip Rook said...

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