Heavy Duty Truck Batteries. Checking The CCA

Example Battery Spec. - 31 series Battery
CCA 925 CA 1050
Rating @ 0 Deg F. Rating @ 32Deg F.

You Cannot Check CCA or CA On A Brand New Heavy Duty Truck Battery Accurately
If you do check brand new batteries the reading will not be consistant. You can take two brand new batteries and test them both and the readings will not be the same. Batteries Must Cycle At Least 1 or More Times . When using hand held testing electronics make sure that the connections are on lead posts and not on the metal stud post. The actual stud is made out of steel and also will not give an accurate CCA rating. To accuratly test batteries with steel post a lead adaptor must be screwd onto the screw post and make sure that it's screwed on tight.

Usually a posted cca rating on a battery is the min CCA rating that it will give out. After The Battery Has Cycled The CCA Rating Will Read Higher Than Rated
This Rating Is ONLY The Guaranteed Minimum For Each Unit Of This Series
Excessive Heat Will Discharge A Battery. Please to try to store in a cool dry place.

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