Off Shore Products..

All right people... I am not going to politicaly correct here so if you are very sensitive you might want to go to another post. What in the hell would direct truck drivers to buy offshore products. ok ok..Yeah the price.. Ok there are some products that are manufacture offshore that are of great quality. But there is also a lot of knock offs out there people. I think that heavy duty truck parts are in a great need of being regulated. Steel wheels being sold that are not up to spec with the centers breaking off what the hell got in to you to buy a wheel .375 or 3/8" thick.
This is a Real Under Spec in our country and for most industries especially logging, flat decks or dump trailers….
This is a seriously lighter wheel and will fail much sooner than our .437 or 7/16" thick center disc. You wanted to save a couple of bucks. What are you gonna do when your wheel breaks off and kills my family. That 20 bucks you saved is gonna bite you in the ass. For a million dollar lawsuit for what 20 bucks. Get it through your heads you morons, you need to buy quality products that are up to spec. Make sure that salesman stopping into your shop or fleet of what ever the case maybe that he is not screwing you over. Ask as many questions as you can in order to make sure that you are getting a quality product.

I am sorry if I offended anybody that was not my intention. All Heavy Duty Truck Parts need to be top notch quality.Thank you for reading . I felt great getting this off my chest.


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