Heavy Duty Truck Scale..Known as the Smart Scale

I came across theHeavy Duty Truck Smart Scale about two years ago, and just to show how long it could take for a great product like this one to take off. The Smart Scale is the BEST truck scale in my opinion that has hit the market. When Heavy Duty Truck drivers think about the Smart Scale, the only benefit they see from this product is that they will save money on tickets for being overweight. While surely that is a great benefit, the Smart Scale can optimize your payload. How do you ask??? It can optimize your Heavy Duty Truck by not being to heavy and costing you more on fuel. Your probably thinking well I get paid by the ton so if I don't get caught, I will make more money. But my question to you is, have you ever delivered your load and you were under weight..The Average Truck will see a return on his investment betweem 3 to 6 months.

Here are some more benefits

Increased Driver Productivity. Drivers can take a measurement in the truck cab, the loading area, or wherever it’s convenient-up to 500 feet (155 meters) away.

Maximize axle loads on your Heavy Duty Truck. Accurate to Within 0.3% of actual gross vehicle weight. 150lbs

Two Year Warranty

Low-powered radio signals are intrinsically safe.

Eliminate overweight fines, Time spent redistributing loads, and out-of-route miles for check-weighing.

Decrease your operating expenses. Consistently reach maximum payload quickly and with confidence.

Simple 10 minute installation. No wires or cables. Eliminate expense and downtime associated with a hardwired scale installation.

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Robert Jacko said...

Thank you for sharing the information.

Weighing scales may it be used for counting small materials or heavy materials are important to get accurate result for the industries and it also helps to save energy, money and time. Thus, truck scales are helping a lot in weighing different kinds of best heavy duty trucks with the help of digital scales.

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