Right Brakes For Your Heavy Duty Truck

Choosing the right brake for your heavy duty truck is a very crucial matter. It will not only affect the stopping power of your Heavy Duty Truck but the right choice will save you money. All brakes are not created equal. Each brake lining has it's own recipe and it's own ingredients. And no, were not baking a cake. Each brake lining company has it's own way of creating the lining. Making brake lining is like a cook and his recipe. And some cooks are better than others. The difference between cure time in the lining and the materials used in creating that block of brake lining will determine the life or wear of that specific brake lining. Now that I have given you a brief explanation on how brake lining is made. Lets continue with coding for your heavy duty truck friction.
Have any of you noticed what is stamped on the side of the Heavy Duty Truck Fricition that you have purchased in the past???? Well most companies stamp the part number but also there is a small coding like FF or GG stamped on the side of it.
Most salesman will say that the GG is better than the FF or the FF is Better than the EE. In a matter of speaking this could be true but the factor that determines this code is very vague. When testing the brake lining they take a piece of brake lining about 2 inches square and kinda push it down on a treadmill. Do not take my terminology to be accurate it is just for explanation purposes. And the dragging will determine the GG or FF or whatever it will be but, an FF and GG can be very close and be no difference in quality and endurance. Now that I have you confused I will tell you: Every Parts Branch has a Brake Guy and if they don't ask to talk to a rep. Explain your application and what type of area you hall in. Is there a lot of hills is it mostly highway is it off road and from there he or she will tell you what you need. Do not buy the cheapest brake on the market because the fact of the matter is that if it is cheaper more than likely the composite of the lining is cheaper and will not have any durability.

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