Choosing the Right Brakes For Your Heavy Duty Truck

I have been at this for a number of years now and somthing that people can't through their tiny shells is that if you pay only 25 dollars for your friction materiel well that's about the life of your brake. Heavy Duty Truck Parts need to be top quality. If you have a Logging trailer for example and put 20 000 lbs friction materiel with ff rating it will not last you 6 months. But now if you but on let's say abex 685 on that same logging trailer it will probably last 150 000 miles or 10 months or more all depending on what driver you have on the tractor. The main concern of Heavy Duty Truck Part dealers is that they want the business no matter what they have to sell. So they have the salesman go to the fleet and tell them that there friction material is just as good and will last just as long for half the price. Well that is a bunch of bullshit. I f you want the right part for the right job make sure that the guy selling your brakes knows what he is talking about. Make sure that your friction material is CMVSS 121 Certified . Don't let him tell you well if it wasn't I would not be able to sell it. That is also a bunch of bullshit, Ask for the certification. In my opinion Abex 685 is the best bang for your buck. I can not mention any fleet name but have an example for you. One of our customer is tracking the miles he is putting on this friction and before he was putting between 90 and 120 000 miles and now woth abex 685 he is putting in around 160 000 and 185 000 miles can you imagine the money saved over the life of the trailer.
Imagine he just found the perfect brake because his brake lining and drum are wore out at the same time only touched once. Heavy Duty Truck Parts need to fit the appication. Make sure your Heavy Duty Parts Tech has actually had experience with what he is selling and not just pushing a price.

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